The Gates of Heaven

Released on 2/7/2017


Track List

  1. Niagara Falls (ft. Amanda McCarthy)
  2. The Gates of Heaven
  3. Hope (ft. Sayak Das)


Tom Shubsda – Executive Producer, Drums
Kristian Veech – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards & Synthesizers, Engineering and & Production
Mark McCarthy – Lead guitar, Trombone
Joe Everett – Bass guitar
Gianluca Farina – Trumpet

Front Cover Artwork Credit: Cameron Francisco & Justin Arena

We would like to thank: Sayak Das, Matt Bolton, Jake Sierzega, Josh Parra, Amanda McCarthy, Andy Kiniry, Tori Ano, Justin Arena, Snide Molly, Molly Geraghty, Connor McCoy, Samuel Marks, Tim Loten, Molly Pope, Zach Rosten, Michael Roffo, Savannah Smith, Stan & Amy Shubsda, Molly Shubsda, Peyton Shubsda, Adam Shubsda, Gregg & Mayell Veech, Peter & Alyssa Veech, Alex Veech, Zoe Veech, Mark & Lee Ann McCarthy, Debbie Scaduto, Robert McCarthy, Patricia Duffey, Caleb Stein, Garrett Edison, Joe Rasbold, Kevin Ray, Justin Fogarty, Lydia Roe, Ka Neunhoffer, Tristian Medjo, Mackenzie Oprean, Avery Lazes, Adiana Delavega, Steven Island, Chrissy Gerace, Brandon Phan, Richard Collier, Ian McFarland, Chris Cyrus, Max Logue, Hope for the Day, Young Performers Club, Self Portraits, The Middle East Restaurant & Nightclub, and all of our family and friends who have supported us. This EP would not have been possible without all of you.

In loving memory of Jae Min Kang. We are dedicating this EP to him and his family

We would also like to dedicate this EP to: Patrick Shubsda, Luigi Farina, Marion & Frank Scaduto, JMT, Adam Rarela and Haylee Fouquet