Origin: Boston, MA
Genre: Progressive Rock, Alternative, Indie
Similar Artists: Rush, Kansas, Pink Floyd, Phish
Years Active: 2016 to Present
Label: Unsigned
Kristian Veech – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Mark McCarthy – Guitar, Trombone
Tom Shubsda – Drums
Joe Everett – Bass
Official Websites:

Fordham Road is not your average rock band. They seamlessly blend many different genres, from indie to reggae while remaining rooted in progressive rock. The band formed in January of 2016 and has since released an EP “The Gates of Heaven” and their self-titled debut album both in 2017. You can often find them touring and performing throughout New England and the Northeast.

” With no weak links in the chain when it comes to skill and musical aptitude, the band is able to create really big sounds on any size stage, with electrifying keyboards, dueling guitar riffs, and rolling bass and drums punctuated with some nifty trombone work (yes, I said that). Their originals are big, epic, heady songs… it’s always a joy to witness these songs performed live and mixed in with a complex cover or two that pushes the musicianship of each member to the brink. Definitely a band to be enjoyed live in a club with plenty of time on your hands to sit back and groove.”

– Robert McCarthy, Promoter and founder of “Five by Two Records”

“Fordham Road is onto something good here. Their prog rock tendencies will certainly pull in fans of that genre. Some of their pop influences, jazzy excursions, and lively influences could make them a hit with music fans who don’t necessarily go for prog. It will be interesting to see where their journey takes them.”

– Bill Copland, Music Critic and founder of “Bill Copland Music News”

“Not enough prog bands incorporate reggae into their material… but reggae exists so you might as well throw it into the melting pot and that’s what Fordham Road did.”

– Robert Allen, independent music critic